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Airless Spray Tans

What to do before your Spray Tan


Sure, a spray tan sounds super easy: just strip down and wait for a magical mist to bestow your entire body with a sun-kissed glow. But if you take just a little time to prep before your spray session, you might be rewarded with better results.

· Exfoliate your skin: Removing dead skin cells will help your tan adhere evenly and will help it last longer so invest in a body scrub or wash with a rough-textured sponge.

· Shave, too: If you wait until after your spray tan to do this, you run the risk of removing color along with your hair. The same goes for waxing, threading, and plucking.

· Bare skin is best: That means no makeup, lotion, deodorant, or anything else that might work as a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution

· Wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment: Even though you'll wait for the solution to dry before leaving, there's still the chance that some of the spray tan can rub off on clothing, so avoid white or light-colored items.

· Paint your nails (really): Even if you just use a clear topcoat, putting a layer of lacquer on your fingernails and toenails will prevent them from being stained with the tanning solution



· More even coverage—When it comes to true attention to detail, nothing beats a real person.

· Customization—A human technician can concentrate the tan to specific areas, mix up a custom tone, and even use it to make certain areas of your body (like your abs) look more contoured.

· Longer lasting—Custom tans have a tendency to last a few days longer than spray tans applied in a booth.



· Getting (almost) naked with a stranger—Custom spray tans aren't ideal for shy people.

· Price—They're typically a bit more expensive than automatic spray tans