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Questions about Nails



  • How long will it take for my nails to dry?
  • Ten minutes will produce a touch-dryness necessary for driving, answering the phone or other light actives.
  • How soon after can I go for a run or wash dishes?
  • Give your nails least 3 hours to dry. After this time, the nail will have hardened through like enamel, giving lasting durability to your polish. If you get your nails done at Valley Creek Spa, we’ll encourage you to linger as long as you’d like after your manicure or pedicure is over. We have several places you can relax and have cold bottle water for you to drink while your nails dry.
  • What can I do about yellowed nails?
  • Our nail specialist will apply a base coat to protect your nails from any polish. Also try to avoid letting your nails from absorbing pigments that lead to yellow nails.
  • What can I do about tight ragged cuticles, and rough looking hands or feet?
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Help your ragged cuticles by applying a moisturizer daily. At Valley Creek Spa we use the best of Amber Products. The Hand & Foot treatment programs are the best. It is a 5 step process designed to improve nail health. Each step uses a common signature essential oil blend that keeps a consistent aroma during and inspired spa level treatment that exfoliates, heals, hydrates and helps overworked, dry hands and feet recover.
  • Comes in five great flavors: Lavender Aphrodisiac, Vanilla Lemongrass, Green Tea Mint, Tangerine Basil, and Geranium Sage.
  • Gel nails are very popular. Do you do those at Valley Creek Spa?
  • Yes, it’s what we specialize in. Being a Day spa we only use those polishes that are not over powering while being applied. Most of our nail packages do not include Gel Nail Polish. We are focused on relaxation and nail health. But the service is offered for a small charge.
  • Can I skip the polish and just soak longer?
  • Most defiantly. Here at Valley Creek Spa our total focus is on the developing a healthy and spiritual experience for you. We offer a Hot Foot Soak with many of our other services. So we completely understand, just taking it easy.